Welcome Pack Forms

Traditionally, we would send a paper pack to new admissions by post. The pack would contain copies of our policies and several forms for you to complete to finalise your child's enrolment. We've decided to make the entire pack available to read and complete online as a result of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus.

To keep things simple, we've numbered the forms. Please complete all the necessary forms.

Form 1 - Admission Form

Please complete this admission form first. The data collected here allows us to enrol your child on to the school systems. We also collect contact information so we can contact you should before September should we need to. We also ask for your consent in relation to photographs, off-site trips and biometrics (cashless catering).

Form 2 - Medical Form

We need to be made aware of any medical condition in order for us to properly support your child in school so that they can play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential. It's important that you complete this form even if your child does not have a medical condition.

Form 3 - Parent/Guardian Acceptable Use Policy

Parents are required to read and agree to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy to give permission for their child to access the internet and ICT systems at school and to show support of the school in its monitoring and safeguarding practices.

Form 4 - Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

Students are required to read and agree to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy if they are to access ICT resources at school. This AUP is relatively long so we encourage parents to read this with their child so they understand what's expected of them throughout their time at Moulton.

Form 5 - Year 7 Music Tuition 2020-21

Please complete this form if your child would like to learn a musical instrument or to continue lessons. By applying, you agree to the terms outlined in the contract below.

Music Tuition Welcome Letter
Music Tution Contract Sept 2020 - 2021

To be completed by 5th June.

Paper copies for all these forms are available to print off and return by post if you wish. These can be found under 'Supporting Documents'.