What is Go 4 Schools?

Go 4 Schools is an online system that allows you to engage with your child's progress and attainment throughout the year. You can also track attendance, monitor behaviour and see set homework tasks. We strongly advise you to download the Go 4 Schools App for your mobile/tablet device and regularly check for information.

NOTE: New parents of Moulton School will be able to log in to Go4Schools at the start of September but not before. This is because the students official start date is not until September and no data has been recorded yet (registration etc). Please sign up from September 2nd to begin using the system.

New Parent/Guardian Setup

Note: The sign up process can only be done as of September 2nd.

  1. Visit www.go4schools.com

  2. Click the 'Parents' button located in the top-right corner

  3. Click the 'First-Time User?' text

  4. You must provide the same email address you have registered with the school for email communications. Click 'New password'
    Note: If Go 4 Schools displays an error about not having your email address on record, please contact the school.

  5. You will receive an email containing your login password from Go 4 Schools to the email address you provided.

  6. At this point, you can sign in. Go 4 Schools will ask you to change your password on initial sign in.

Existing Parent/Guardian Setup

Go 4 Schools will automatically add your child starting Moulton School to your existing account. You have the ability to switch between the children's accounts to see their associated data.

Go 4 Schools Mobile App (iOS and Android) + Quick Start Guide

You can download the Go 4 Schools mobile app for Android and iOS. If you have not yet registered, you must create your account using the Go 4 Schools website.


As standard, you will be notified of set detentions through Go 4 Schools. You will also be notified via the mobile app.

If you would like additional help, please contact via email: itquery@moultonschool.co.uk